New & Featured Products

New & Featured Products

Explore Climbing Walls and Fitness Products 

Explore some of the most popular products from Everlast Climbing – both for indoor and outdoor spaces. You’ll find traverse climbing walls to top rope walls, playground walls and more. We have your climbing wall needs covered!

  • Climbing Walls
  • Indoor Jungle Gyms
  • Outdoor Climbing
  • Off-the-Wall Fitness
  • Teambuilding
  • Early Childhood
Five Reasons for Building a Climbing Wall
  1. Climbing is a lifelong activity that is attractive to a wide range of people and can be offered in a variety of settings: Camps, Schools, Park and Rec Centers, Fitness Centers, Child Care Facilities and more.
  2. Climbing contributes to overall physical fitness through
    • aerobic and anaerobic activity
    • increased cardiovascular fitness
    • enhanced balance, coordination and flexibility

3. Climbing wall activities provide a setting for real life experiences in meeting challenge, traveling beyond one’s comfort zone and developing character.

4. Climbing wall activities emphasize cooperation versus competition and encourage the development of a climate where “everybody wins”.

5. Climbing wall activities are fun, exciting, challenging and engaging!

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