New & Featured Products

New & Featured Products

Introducing New Shaded Toddler Playground!

Designed for children aged 6 to 23 months, this toddler playground fosters early skills with a slide, climber, interactive panels, and a toddler table – all under a large shade (or get it without). Eco-friendly, it provides a safe environment for youngsters to thrive!

Watch the video, download product flyers!

Product Flyers:  With Shade or Without Shade

Ready for a MaxPlayFit Nature-inspired Climbing Experience?

These rock climbers are nature-inspired, offering multiple routes for every ability from a young learner to the more experienced.

  • Just the right size for climbing, toddlers aged 6 to 23 months will love some playful animal sculptures.
  • Combine it with the nature-inspired elements and kids will have more natural play adventures.

Explore Climbing Walls and Fitness Products 

Explore some of the most popular climbing wall products – both for indoor and outdoor spaces. You’ll find traverse climbing walls to top rope walls, playground walls and more. We have your climbing wall needs covered!

  • Climbing Walls
  • Indoor Jungle Gyms
  • Outdoor Climbing
  • Off-the-Wall Fitness
  • Teambuilding
  • Early Childhood

Playground Equipment for Ages 5 & Under 

Create inspiring play environments for the 5 and under ages that encourage exploration, experimentation and discovery! One that is age-appropriate and appeals to the younger child.

Kids in daycare need a play area that is suitable to their age and abilities. Preschool-age children need equipment that help with their evolving skills and promote equipment specific to arts, literacy, math, science and beyond!

What else do you need for your space?