Inclusive Commercial Playground Equipment

rivermont0057Inclusive Playground Equipment

MaxPlayFit has many inclusive commercial playground equipment pieces to help mobility challenged children enjoy playing alongside their friends.  Not every child plays the same way, due to physical or other limitations.  Some children may need equipment that is less challenging, or easier to use.  Consequently we have a variety of playground equipment to fit their needs.

Inclusive Playground Equipment Gallery

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What is Inclusive Commercial Playground Equipment?

Mostly this includes special swings, sand and water tables, paint stations, music and animal sound play panels, or motion play.  Some children with mobility issues may have upper body strength, thus making many of our net climbing structures good options.

New products are being devised everyday and not all products are shown here. ¬†Most of our work involves customizing products for customer’s needs, therefore we will be happy to put together something just for you.

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