Playground Climbers

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Climbing nets are a popular playground structure and, oftentimes, can be combined with other elements, creating a playground design that is completely unique. These nets and structures enable young children to gain confidence in their abilities yet continue to challenge older children.

Climbers, especially net climbers, bring sensory climbing fun and movement to kids. The flexibility of the rope means that every action by a child is followed by a reaction; hence, rope climbers make for an experience that is always changing and never the same.

Whirl. Ascend. Conquer. ... Ascend Rope Climbers.

From rope races to challenges courses, these Ascend Rope Climbers are perfect for parks and other playgrounds, keeping children active while challenging their climbing abilitities.


What’s unique? This collection offers two climbing options for ages 5-12:

  • Freestanding net climbers
  • Whole net play systems
Ascend Rope Climbers, rope climbers, playground climbers

Acend Rope Climbers catalog

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