Playground Maintenance

playground equipment, site furnishings

Have you set up a playground maintenance plan? Extend the life of your playground equipment. Protect your investment. Keep the fun in children’s play experiences.

Part of maintaining your playground is ensuring it is clean. Germs can be found where kids are so routine cleaning and sanitizing should be done regularly to remove visible dirt as well as germs and bacteria.

  • Use caution with your choice of cleaning agents as some may present a health issue or cause surface damage.
  • Pressure washers can damage paint and other exterior finishes; however, the high pressure could spread viruses, such as COVID-19.

Maintenance Plan

  • General Hazards. Look for sharp points/edges, hazardous protrusions, open S hooks and protruding bolts. Are there any trip hazards or exposed crush and shearing points?
  • Equipment. Look for damage to the equipment such as rust, cracks and splits. Are there broken or missing components? Is equipment securely anchored, no tilting or sinking? Moving parts are working and not worm.
  • Paint. Make sure paint is not peeling cracking or chipping.
  • Surfacing. Does it need to be repaired or replaced? Is it adequate around the equipment? Have loose fill materials been displaced?
  • General Upkeep. Check other equipment on the playground such as shade, shelters, site furnishings.
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