Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Cultivate Health & Wellness in Your Community

Everyone recognizes the need for regular exercise, but we don’t always have time to go to a club or gym. Fitness stations at parks, corporate campuses, universities and colleges, and other outdoor areas are the perfect solution.

  • Public fitness parks get your community active!
  • Place fitness equipment along a walking trail so that walking or running can be included into a stationery exercise routine.
  • Make your space intergenerational by placing fitness parks next to a playground!
  • Design it for all fitness levels — from teens to senior adults.

Outdoor Fitness Areas on Corporate and College Campuses

  • Promote a workplace wellness culture and a healthy lifestyle for students.
  • Improve employee morale. increase job satisfaction and foster teamwork.
  • Give 24/hour gym access to college students that meshes with their class schedule.
Planning Your Fitness Park?
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Create Fitness Spaces for

  • Public parks and playgrounds
  • Hotels, fitness clubs, senior living communities
  • Multi-family housing
  • Corporate, college and university campuses

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