GaGa Ball Pits

Kids are going gaga over GaGa Ball!

  • Fun, physical activity for all
  • Builds agility, dodging, jumping and striking skills
  • Levels the playing field for kids of all athletic abilities
  • Crosses age thresholds


Get hit at or below the knees, you’re out! It’s a fast paced, high energy game with quick turnover to keep everyone active and involved.

Go GaGa in PE class, during recess, and more.

  • Great for after school programs and camp activities
  • Easy to assemble
  • Portable or permanent
  • Uses a soft ball
  • Variety of sizes depending on the number of players


Best of all, it’s very affordable! You install, meaning no installation fees. It’s perfect for your school, municipal, daycare, community or church playground project.

GaGa Ball Pit

GaGa2Go is portable and quick to move!

When you need to move the GaGa pit quickly, we have the perfect solution: GaGa2Go is portable, easy to install or dismantle and stores neatly in a 30″ x 48″ x 25″ area. It is the perfect complement to the standard GaGa Pits.

Perfect for indoor and/or temporary use for schools, churches, camps and more!

Get in on this Growing Trend!

It’s a great, affordable activity for PTAs and other organizations.