Recycled Plastic Playground Equipment

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Enjoy long lasting commercial playground equipment in addition to helping the environment.

MaxPlayFit represents Superior Recreation’s R3 Playground Line of recycled plastic playground equipment.

R3 stands for recycled, reliable and recreation. This means you get a playground that benefits the environment, gives children plenty of fun and challenging activities and lasts for years.

  • Get the look and feel of wood without the unwanted maintenance.
  • Equipment is vandal resistant, protected from rotting or splitting and has UV additives to keep the colors bright for years to come.

Help the Environment: Use Recycled Plastic Playground Equipment

Who says that it’s not easy being green? Our average recycled plastic playground equipment structure utilizes nearly 25,000 recycled plastic containers. Quality is important and that’s why we are proud to offer the industry’s finest recycled structural plastics. Although natural colors are the most popular for recycled plastic playgrounds, MaxPlayFit offers a complete pallet to fit everyone’s color taste.

Superior’s R3 product line is:

  • Made from reclaimed post-consumer plastic products, such as milk jugs
  • Approximately 95% of our recycled playgrounds are made from recycled material with post and decks being 100%
recycled plastic playground, playground equipment, playgrounds
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