Physical Distancing Products

Outdoor Solutions that Provide Distance … Safely Bringing Everyone Back Together

We want to help you do what you do outside whether that be an outdoor classroom to an outdoor meeting and more. We have the products you need to provide space between everyone and help prevent the spread of germs, too.

Safely Bring Kids Back Together
    • Outdoor Classroom Desk. 2 circular seats on 6′ table provides separation between users
    • Silhouettes. Provide temporary distancing solutions by creating space between users
    • Protective Panel Kit. Create a 4-way table top barrier with 1/2″-thick lexan on new or existing 6′ picnic tables
Product Details
Find more physical distancing products in our product guide below.
    • Pasadena wedge and straight benches can be arranged 6′ apart to maintain physical distancing
    • Leaning Rails are perfect for spaces where waiting may be required
    • Canteen Table provides single work stations
    • Span Leg Table provides individual seats for each user
Physical Distancing Product Guide
Help Prevent the Spread of Germs in Public Spaces

Don’t forget the hand sanitizer stations, including hand pump and touch-free automated dispensers.

Hand Sanitizer Stations 

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