Rubber Safety Surfacing: I Can Child Care

Safety Surfacing for I Can Childcare

The I Can Child Care & Learning Center has a new rubber turf area in both the toddler and preschool playground areas. The photo gallery below shows what it looked like before we started and after we finished.

The school chose to put in a poured-in-place safety surface. This type of surface offers a safe, accessible and low-maintenance solution.

With poured-in-place surfacing, the top layer is the color layer and the bottom layer is made with bulkier rubber that provides shock absorption. However, unlike other surfacing types, such as mulch, sand and loose-fill rubber, poured-in-place does not need to be raked and replenished.

In addition to the poured-in-place surfacing, we used artificial turf for a maintenance free surface next to it, providing children with a great play space and a different texture for a fun sensory experience.

Rubber Safety Surfacing Offers

  • Accessibility. It is ADA-compliant and wheelchair accessible, enabling children of all abilities to play on the playground.
  • Customization. A rainbow of color choices are available so that you can design and customize your playground.
  • Adaptability. Poured-in-place can be tailored to fit almost any space, no matter the size or shape.
  • Safety. The double layered Poured-in-place playground surfacing protects children from falls.
  • Affordability. It offers a low-maintenance solution helping you eliminate some of the costs that come with other types of surfaces.

Photo Gallery – After

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Photo Gallery – Before

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Ready to Get Your Project Started?

We offer a variety of playground surfacing options to meet your needs, from artificial turf to engineered wood fiber to poured-in-place along with a complete line of rubber safety products including swing mats, slide mats, Grassmats USA and more.

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