Nuisance Mold on the Playground

Slime Mold on Playground

Nuisance Mold on the Playground

Nuisance Mold - Slime Mold on Playground

Have you seen any nuisance mold on your playground? It can frequently be found on playgrounds with wood surfaces and in wood mulch.

Wet weather, hot and humid temperatures help breed this nuisance mold. When spores get wet, they fuse together and form a colony. They then feed on bacteria found growing on the wood mulch.

The most common mold that grows on wood surfaces is called “slime mold.” It is a nuisance mold that is temporary and does not pose any health hazards unless eaten. Knowing how children are, you may want to remove the fungus if found in areas where they play.

A short-term solution to get rid of the mold is to scoop it out and dispose of it; however, you don’t want to rake it because that can actually spread the mold spores. Since slime molds thrive where conditions are moist, the easiest way to remove it is to let the area dry out.

Prime areas for this mold are poorly drained and shaded playgrounds where the surface remains wet or where water collects. If you have areas where water sits, you may want to look at your drainage system. If the surface remains shaded and doesn’t get much use, it may never truly dry out.

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