New Steel Playground Components

new steel playground component s

Introducing 10 new steel playground components that are fully designed and engineered  — and ready to add to your playground!

We have 10 new steel playground components ⁠— from climbers to roofs ⁠— that will complement your playground design.

Even better, we’re excited to introduce the first integrated shade that utilizes two square decks and covers up to 24′!

Download the spec sheets to learn more, contact MaxPlayFit at 434) 664-8522 or EMail MaxPlayFit with your questions.

Integrated Shades

  • Single Deck Barrel Vaulted Integrated Shade
  • Deck-to-Deck Barrel Vaulted Integrated Shade

Arched Roofs

  • Arched Split Roof
  • Arched Hexagon Roof

Delta Climbers

  • Delta Curve Climber
  • Delta Vertical Climber
  • Delta Spiral Climber
  • Deck-to-Deck Delta Arch Climber

On-Deck Spinners

  • Deck Mount Sonic Spinner
  • Wave Spinner

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