Featured Product: Daisy Dash


Daisy Dash

The Daisy Dash™ is a game designed to get you moving! Play against the clock to touch each daisy sensor as it lights up.

See how many lights you can touch before the clock runs out. Simply turn the rotator on the leaf panel to begin.

  • Inclusive design
  • Shaded electronic reactions game
  • Includes 1 control panel and 5 sensors
  • Powered by user rotating control panel
  • Rotation charges internal battery cell
  • Timer lasts 20 seconds
  • Shade includes our Glide ElbowTM

Quick highlights:

  • Mounting Type: In-Ground
  • Finish: Powder coated in the color and finish of your choice
  • Traditional shade fabric: Available in the color of your choice
  • Material Type: Powder coated steel posts and traditional shade fabric

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