Outdoor Fitness Park, Hethwood Apartments

Outdoor fitness park stations

One amenity offered by Hethwood Apartment Homes, Blacksburg, VA, is an outdoor fitness park.

Outdoor fitness park stationsOutdoor fitness parks help residents maintain their everyday fitness activities and enjoy the outdoors at the same time. They are a great alternative to traditional indoor exercise facilities to:

  • Improve one’s health
  • Make exercise fun
  • Promote friendship

The equipment you’ll find at the Hethwood outdoor fitness park comes from two product lines.

  • FitTech, which offers an intense design solution for high use areas where form and function matter.
  • Traditional, which provides multipurpose stationary fitness equipment.

Outdoor Fitness Park Stations

Chest Press users sit on the ergonomically designed seat and push the non-slip handles outward. Its modern design enhances the landscape. Focus Muscle fitness. FitTech fitness line.

Lat Pull Down users grip handles and pull downward in a controlled manner engaging numerous upper body and core muscle groups. Focus: Muscle fitness. FitTech fitness line.

The Sit-Up Station targets one’s core by focusing on the abdominals and back.  Focus: Core fitness. Traditional fitness line.

The Knee Lift Station encourages balance and flexibility as the user must lift their knees to waist level and hold for a count. Focus: fitness & flexibility. Traditional fitness line.

The Balance Plank offers a narrow walking area that tapers from 6″ to 3″ for a graduated challenge. Test your balance by walking from one end to the other or practice jumps. It can also serve as a convenient push-up platform. Focus: Balance & Flexibility. FitTech fitness line.

The Multigym combines the Push-Up, Chin-Up, and the Horizontal Chin-Up, for a challenging muscle work-out requiring minimal space. Its modern design enhances the landscape. Focus: Muscle fitness. FitTech fitness line.

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