Campbell Co Library - minibus feature

Campbell County Public Library System

  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I loooove the Toddler play area. It looks awesome!! Thank you so much for going the extra mile to seed and straw the area at the end of the sidewalk. We greatly appreciate it! I cannot wait to see toddlers and their parents enjoying the area. Valinda, Campbell County Public Library System The library had a toddler

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First Presbyterian Church - swings

New Swings + More for First Presbyterian Church, Lynchburg

Lynchburg’s first ever tornado, an EF3, caused devastating damage to the area this past spring. With wind speeds up to 150 mph, it brought down heavier and larger trees than a general thunderstorm. One of the trees knocked down was in the First Presbyterian Church’s playground area. As it came down, it crushed the swing set. MaxPlayFit worked with the church to add new

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The Oaks - Playground

Community Playground: The Oaks at Timberlake

Located in Evington, VA, you’ll find a quiet, well-kept and conveniently located community called The Oaks at Timberlake. Part of Yes! Communities, which has 188 communities across the country, The Oaks offers top-rated amenities, activities and is located in close proximity to parks, schools and restaurants. MaxPlayFit worked with The Oaks to build a playground for residents and others in the neighborhood, consisting of

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Safety Surfacing for I Can Childcare

Rubber Safety Surfacing: I Can Child Care

The I Can Child Care & Learning Center has a new rubber turf area in both the toddler and preschool playground areas. The photo gallery below shows what it looked like before we started and after we finished. The school chose to put in a poured-in-place safety surface. This type of surface offers a safe, accessible and low-maintenance solution. With poured-in-place surfacing, the top

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Nuisance Mold on the Playground

Have you seen any nuisance mold on your playground? It can frequently be found on playgrounds with wood surfaces and in wood mulch. Wet weather, hot and humid temperatures help breed this nuisance mold. When spores get wet, they fuse together and form a colony. They then feed on bacteria found growing on the wood mulch. The most common mold that grows on wood

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dog play components

Bark Park for Hethwood Apartments

Hethwood Apartments, Blacksburg, VA, now offers a “bark park” where residents can take their dog to exercise their minds and bodies and socialize with other dogs. You’ll find dog play components that encourage physical activity and canine hygiene, too. Walk the Plank Stepping Up Dog Leash holder Pet Waste station, which includes the 2-n-1 dispenser and standard sign. Our dog play components are designed

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Outdoor fitness park stations

Outdoor Fitness Park, Hethwood Apartments

One amenity offered by Hethwood Apartment Homes, Blacksburg, VA, is an outdoor fitness park. Outdoor fitness parks help residents maintain their everyday fitness activities and enjoy the outdoors at the same time. They are a great alternative to traditional indoor exercise facilities to: Improve one’s health Make exercise fun Promote friendship The equipment you’ll find at the Hethwood outdoor fitness park comes from two

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Virginia’s New Law Means Schools Can Add More Recess Time!

Virginia is one of only eight states that require elementary schools to provide daily recess, according to the 2016 Shape of the Nation Report. On July 1, 2018, a new law went into effect which means schools across Virginia can add more recess time for students, allocating up to 15% of yearly instructional time to recess. Check out this presentation created by More Recess

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Buchanan Elementary Playground

New Playground for Buchanan Elementary

The kids at Buchanan Elementary school were all smiles when the new playground for the preschool and kindergarten was completed this school year. We hear (and see) that it has been a big hit! The kids love all the features and slides. Three slides on the play equipment: Wave slide (red) Triple Rail Slide (double, blue) 90’ curved slide (single, blue) Plus the other

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Sensory Play Sand box

Types of Play: Sensory Play

Play helps children develop and improve their gross and fine motor skills, coordination and concentration. It is how they learn to work cooperatively and collaboratively, develop their imagination, creative thinking and ability to problem solve. Sensory Play is one type of play to plan for on your playground. What is Sensory Play? Sensory play is more than just touching or tactile experiences. It includes

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