Lightridge High courtyard

Outdoor Furnishings for Lightridge High School

Every school courtyard should have outdoor furnishings so the kids can eat lunch, study and do a little socializing … while still social distancing!

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Inspection Checklist

Time to Inspect Facilities and Sports Equipment?

This is based on a great article from Bison Inc. and we wanted to share it with you. Equipment wears out over time and needs to be repaired or replaced to ensure safety of everyone who uses it. Many times, the only way to find out if equipment needs to be replaced is through inspection or observation during game play. If you’re doing maintenance

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Combination Course 2.0

Muscle Fitness Products & Courses

Muscle fitness products and courses. Configure your fitness stations and fitness parks using a combination of fitness elements or focused on one element.

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Brickshire HOA

Playground Expansion at Brickshire HOA

MaxPlayFit expanded the play area for Brickshire HOA in Providence Forge, VA to include a new R3 Play Structure along with several free-standing play events. The project included leveling an area of the site and adding new Engineered Wood Fiber (EWF) surfacing to the entire area. R3 Play Structure R3 stands for recycled, reliable and recreation. This means you get a playground that benefits the

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Danville Head Start

Head Start in Danville, VA

When it was time to replace the playground equipment at the head start in Danville, MaxPlayFit removed the old to make room for the new play equipment. This included installing: A new play structure featuring twin straight slides plus a curved slide to add more thrills and activity panels providing a fun and safe play environment. In addition, it’s topped with a roof to

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new steel playground component s

New Steel Playground Components

Introducing 10 new steel playground components that are fully designed and engineered  — and ready to add to your playground! We have 10 new steel playground components ⁠— from climbers to roofs ⁠— that will complement your playground design. Even better, we’re excited to introduce the first integrated shade that utilizes two square decks and covers up to 24′! Download the spec sheets to

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Shade for Randolph College Nursery School

Randolph College Nursery School

Currently, the Randolph College Nursery School has a program for 3-, 4- and 5-year olds. They consider the outside area a classroom in itself, where children can participate in dramatic play, develop large and fine motor skills and explore nature. MaxPlayFit worked with the school to add: A small, age-appropriate play structure using Grassmats rubber playground mats at the end of the slide to

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2 Bay arched swings

Moving Natural Bridge Elementary Playground

In Natural Bridge Station, VA, the playground at Natural Bridge Elementary was located quite a distance from the school, so this project included the following: Leveling the area Adding a retaining wall Moving the existing playground equipment closer to the school building Adding 2-bay swings with arched posts, which added an interesting design element We also installed Grassmats rubber mats at the end of slides and

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Bridges School Playground

New Playground for Bridges School, Lynchburg

Located in Lynchburg, VA, the new playground for the Bridges School includes: Matrix Climber, an independent, climbing play structure. Climbers are great to help kids develop confidence, coordination and full body strength. Options include: Powder Coat Colors [pdf] Rotationally Molded Plastic Colors [pdf] The kids also got a traditional post and deck play structure offering lots of climbing activities and featuring multiple slides. Below

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school playground

Playground Safety Tips

Inspect your playground and maintain it, too, on a regular basis. Make sure that it is safe for the kids. Doing this simple task can help prevent many playground injuries. Check playground equipment for hazards such as loose bolts, wood splinters, sharp edges and protrusion hazards Make sure swing seats are not cracked and that the chains or ropes are in good condition. Make

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